This type of service might sound like a quick and easy task, requiring minimal effort, but it’s a responsible job involving dealing with money and timely transfers to the property owners, which in addition my become time-consuming when payments are overdue. 

We charge rent collection fee on a monthly basis;

What's included:

  • Our landlords receive quick payments within 1 working day of cleared funds;

  • We send up-to-date rent statements;

  • No more hassle with unpaid or delayed rent. We’ll deal with that;

  • Our communication with tenants will be in writing so that there is a record in case it is needed to evict the tenant and gain possession.​;

  • We undertake formal actions in terms of rent arrears, should this become necessary but this does not include legal costs and court fees of eviction proceedings. 


We advise letting packages which include a rent collection service with a Guaranteed Rent options, which we can arrange for you.