We deal with variety of property related issues: 
  • Helping investors to find great deals;
  • Innovative development solutions;
  • Residential and commercial leases;
  • Legal advice for investors and landlords;


We provide advice and support either for a first time residential or commercial buyers on different types of ownership. There are many options to ‘own’ a property, and it is of crucial importance to decide which one would be the best in your particular situation.


If you are looking for a residential property, you might consider options of freehold or leasehold, shared ownership, rent to buy, retirement property, etc. The situation may be more complicated if you are buying the home together with your partner, spouse, or other member of family. You would need to consider whether to decide on joint ownership, or ‘tenancy in common’. We advise our clients and explain legal implications on ownership in plain English without legal jargon. We can also get you through conveyancing process.


For commercial purchasers or those who are looking for short, or a long-term lease, we offer a great support for helping to find the right property in the right place, checking through lease terms and negotiations.


Busy investors may use our help in delegating some work for our firm, for example searching for a desired property, and/or dealing with variety of issues related to progress of your investment, such as choosing the best or competitive contractors, arranging works, management of your property, and many more.