In recent years property sourcing became a very popular tool for many investors. 

As a property investor you might spent hundreds of hours scrolling many websites while looking for your desired property investment, making lot of enquiries with estate agents or sellers, and then dealing with conveyancers or solicitors.


You can safe your precious time when using our services and set your bespoke criteria.


The advantage of choosing our firm is that our experienced staff is also equipped with legal knowledge, so we can help you to avoid many pitfalls once it comes to dealing with legal issues of the investment.

In addition, we offer aftercare services, including property management.

We search for properties
across England & Wales
Property sourcing is a great help for property investors, while saving them lot of time and effort in finding the best option for investing money. We can search for bespoke deals or offer already negotiated and packaged deals to an interested property investor.


We work with property investors, developers and landlords within the property sector to make researching the property market far quicker, easier, bespoke and comparable.


Step 1: The Initial Consultation

At our first meeting we will agree as to your exact requirements, a purpose of your investment, a desired location, your budget limit, a method of funding, expected ROI (Return on Investment).

Step 2: Finding The Right Property Deal

The next step is the process of finding suitable for you investment opportunities.

We can offer you a bespoke service, where we will find you property deals based on your exact criteria, for instance shortlisting properties from auctions or estate agents based on your initial consultation.

Alternatively, you can get a list of our pre-prepared property deals, so you can have a look at which investment may suit your criteria. Often, there are properties where the price has already been discussed and a discount agreed, or perhaps those which are out of the market and we have exclusive access through our direct contacts with sellers. 

Step 3: The Purchase

Once you have made a choice to go ahead with one of them, then we can help you with the sales process and be in the middle of the action between solicitors, making sure that documents are sent over on time and within a timeframe.

Step 4: Aftercare

The aftercare package is optional. This might include liaising with the parties after the purchase, for instance refurbishment teams, renting out the property and arranging its management, or perhaps going through the sale of the refurbished property.

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